Friday, 7 August 2009

My inspirations in singing..

So, I have read that you want me to tell more about my vocal preferences and what I was influenced of when I started singing etc.. so, I will start it out with a great vocalist that my mum played at home and I must say is a great great singer which can do some amazing stuff with her singing. This song is one I always have loved and just listen to the scat part;=)

Miss Natalie Cole with Mr Melody, enjoy!


  1. She has a great voice and range!And she is so inspiring!:)
    Inspiring as you for us,Nettan:D

    Lots Of Love,
    Cris X

  2. good song, í´d like to recomend you some music and see if you like it, Stream of Passion, the vocalist us from my home country Mexico, and Ambeon a project by arjen lucassen.

    Hope your neck is better ^^

    I really admire you and see you as a strong person and a role model =)
    Greetings from Mexico
    Juan Carlos

  3. It's a nice song=)
    Anette , your voice is beautiful!
    Especially in The Poet And The Pendulum and Ghost Love Score

    Hugs from sunny Croatia!


    Ena :*

  4. She's not pretty famous here so I did not know her songs, it's not the kind of song I used to hear or like, but it's also a great song.

    I hope you get better from your problems with your neck and stuff, because, be sure, we don't want a half-rejoicing singer, we want the entire Anette there to give us what we need(The true passion of singing upon the stage)... You don't write so much about Nightiwsh here, right? That's great, so we can see the Anette hidden behind the singer.

    That's great, regards from Brasil. Come to Rio as soon as possible, I'm dying here to see you all.

  5. Hi from Belgium ^^,tomorrow is my birthday,it's a nice song,Anette i love you voice,great gig for tomorrow. Sweat kiss

  6. Hmm, not bad. :) I love the good old songs from the 70s and the 80s. <3 I would like to recommend my most favourite female singer - besides you of course ;) - to you: Lori Lewis. She is now the frontwoman of Aesma Daeva, and she had also sung with Therion. :) Here is a live recording where you can hear her stunning clear voice:
    In this video you can see one of my favourite male vocalists too, the one with the big brown hair holding his guitar, he is Mats Levén, and he's Swedish. :)
    Here is an other song sung by Lori and Mats:

  7. Hi! Me again =)
    I saw that you need a sentence to write on the I found one "All life is an experiment"

    I made a design too =)
    Hope you will like it



  8. Have you seen this video clip from the group TEXAS song "in demand" with Alan Rickman?

  9. This singer has a wonderful voice :=)
    She is really good.
    Good luck for your back and your neck, hope you will feel better soon ;=) ,relax yourself.
    Take care!

  10. A great lady, a wonderful voice =).
    But you are our inspiration, thanks Anette =).

    Lots of love

  11. Hi there...

    Anette, we saw some new which told us that u had wacthed MAdonna's performance In Helsinki. As u didn't post anything we thought that perhaps it's not it?

    Kisses from Rj- Brazil

  12. Sorry for not commenting on the post below, is that I woke now:)
    You said something interesting: "maybe I am not to old but my body is"
    It has a Brazilian philosopher named Mario Sergio Cortella has a very interesting view on this matter. According to him, born old and going to rejuvenating through life. Nobody born done. but born and will make during the life, accumulating knowledge, experience of life and begins to cope better with certain attitudes of others. Following this line of reasoning, today you are younger than yesterday. Cool huh =)
    Have a good day new Anette ;-)
    Peace =)

  13. hi Anette! Nice song, she has a good voice!
    mmmm I've read you want us to help you with the sentences to write on the wall... I've thought of some sentences of Nightwish's songs. There are lots of them, and that should be a personal choice, but some from Meadows of Heaven would be nice, I know it is one of your favourites (and I hope that's one of the new songs you're going to sing at Suomi Safari *0*) haha
    Well it's impossible to me not to think of Nightwish when it comes to special sentences...
    Now that you've talked about your vocal preferences I've been thinking of a question. What other female metal bands/singers do you like? I know this is not question time, if you cannot answer now just leave the question for another day, but I would like to know :P
    Kisses Anette!!

  14. Hi from Germany!
    So - just one more our then we´re start the journey to M´era Luna!!! I just can´t wait to see Nightwish and hear your voice and have a good time there!!!
    Hope to hear "Escapist" or "Romanticide" cause I love that songs...o.k. in fact I love all your songs...
    Give it to us!

  15. It's a nice song :)
    I like to get to know new songs, thank you.


  16. Everyone love Natalie Cole! xD

    I myself also like Nat King Cole as well,
    I love his song LOVE.
    We actually sang that in my 5th grade choir.
    I run around the mall, when I'm swinging
    at the park, and when I'm at school
    singing it with my friends. Good song

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  17. Hi my angel!!

    I love that song! And about your preferences I want to ask you something! Every time someone ask me what is my favorites bands, I always answer Nightwish and Coldplay!
    Since I was a kid I love european bands and singer, becouse my dad love Beatles and I learned to love rock with them.
    So, I want to ask what you thing about Coldplay? Becouse to me them are the best! Not in metal! hihihi
    My dream is see you and Chris sing together! :)

    Kisses and hugs from Brazil my angel!

  18. Don't read her Bio, will make you sad. Hope she has better luck next life pages.

  19. Not about the song inspiration ;=(
    Today i knew i won't be able to attend Nightwish show in Russia at 05.09.2009...i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad..don't know what to do..((The only one chance to see you in here for the first time and it's gonna be failed...hope you will post lots of things in here about that gig since i cannot be there..
    I guess i'm the only russian in this blog so i'm all alone in my suffering..(
    DOn't know what to's a month till that but i am stressed already and right before the show i guess i will get even agressive sitting here in my city in 1100 KM's away from Moscow ))
    Sleep well Anette ;=)

  20. wonderful song !
    thank you aneete have a nice day !